Chinese medicine should take advantage of hot drink

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Traditional Chinese medicine to take advantage of hot drink health health 9 mistakes. Want hard body clear, we should pay more attention to some health knowledge and methods in daily life. We are all familiar with traditional Chinese medicine, so the Chinese medicine is hot or cold to drink it? I am afraid that many people do not pay attention to these. Traditional Chinese medicine in the end how to take is based on the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine to drink. Many people will have some small details of life in the wrong, and thus will affect the health. Here we look at the 9 health care errors:
Traditional Chinese medicine to take advantage of hot drink health health 9 mistakes
Health 9 errors
Misunderstanding 1: early to be healthy
We believe that the traditional, early to bed and early to rise to good health, not sleeping beauty will miss the time before 11:30 in the evening, and you must sleep eight hours to health. As everyone knows, in fact, sleep is based on human body needs to decide, with the increase of age, melatonin secretion and sleep earlier, so they will be inclined to go to bed early and get up early, more in line with the natural biological clock. And young people, especially in the development of young people, the metabolism is in a strong period, as long as the clock in accordance with their own physiological good. Not like some of the elderly more than 10 at night to sleep, but it is best not more than 12 o'clock in the evening, at 11:30 to 1:30 in the morning because of human growth hormone secretion time, missed this time will affect the development, but also will lead to the growth of young people, is not high, the adults are easy to grow old.
Error 2: Chinese medicine should take advantage of hot drink
When I was a child to help us cook a good Chinese medicine, always add a word, take advantage of the hot drink, or useless. In fact, the decoction of Chinese medicine in general should be "warm", is used at room temperature to drink. Eat pills, powder such as Chinese medicine should also use warm boiling water delivery service, this is a day. An important part, such as traditional Chinese medicine in order to fend off the cold sweat divergent cold, it should be "hot", also can eat hot Rice porridge, in hot water after taking the medicine, help to play. There are some detoxification, heat clearing drugs, especially the Chinese summer hot weather, the "cold clothes" effect is better.
Myth 3: do not exercise muscle will turn into fat
Some MM always adhere to exercise, exercise is a good habit, is the best way to keep fit and healthy body, but some MM has become a forced exercise. They think that if you stop exercising, your muscles will become fat. In fact, this idea is wrong, this situation will not happen. Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. Between the two will not transform each other.
Myth 4: diet + exercise = weight loss
Many female friends are not satisfied with their body, always want to lose weight, they tend to be used with diet exercise methods, but if you think as long as do the two is sufficient to ensure the weight loss that is completely mistaken. Because you may have overlooked another major factor: the problem of sleep. We should not neglect the relationship between weight gain and sleep, because lack of sleep can lead to an imbalance of appetite. We may also cause mental strength or fatigue, virtually created the spiritual pressure, everyone has the required normal sleep time, sleep time if less than this time even if the difference is only one hour would cause the body hormone imbalance, which caused the problem of obesity.
Myth 8: 5 glasses of water every day
Replenishment of women's work is urgent and can not be ignored, in addition to the skin needs to drink water, each of our kidneys within the body is the need to drink water". There is a popular saying, it is the woman to drink 8 glasses of water every day. This argument has been made a lot of people, and to practice. But in fact, everyone needs the weight of water is not the same, and sometimes drink more than not only do not benefit health, but also the burden of kidney!
We absorb moisture except through perspiration or breathing when discharged, still need to metabolism via the kidneys, if drinking too much water, it will increase the kidney drainage volume, increasing the burden on the kidneys, so long it is easy to cause kidney failure, affects the health of the kidney. Moreover, we can also absorb moisture in the daily diet, such as fruit, drink water should also be included in the daily water intake, so additional water amount we have to control it, otherwise it will be drinking too much water, kidney or heart disease patients even need to limit water, so as not to endanger life.
Myth 6: you can't eat at night
The beauty of women will refrain from eating at night, in addition to weight loss, as well as health considerations. Dinner will late because we sleep cannot consume the calories and lead to obesity? It depends on the situation, very late at night to eat usually will not cause the increase of fat, unless your calorie intake of the day is much more than your usual calorie intake. Unless you eat high calorie foods such as ice cream, fried chicken and chips at night. What's more, if you have a lot of energy in a day, you can't get fat if you eat too much energy in the evening.
Misunderstanding 7: plastic body underwear
Women are eager to have a perfect body, and body sculpting underwear saved a large number of their body dissatisfaction of hungry women. Wear slimming effects on a set of underwear, the beautiful curve immediately appears in front of people, make you feel confident. Then the bang bang buckled in shaping underwear tight