Can eat Chinese traditional medicine to eat seafood?

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Eat Chinese traditional medicine to be able to eat seafood? People eat grain is sick or for medical treatment, can hardly be avoided, or for physical conditioning, Chinese traditional medicine is the choice of many people. And more important than eating traditional Chinese medicine is to eat, when the diet met Chinese medicine, what are taboo?
Can eat Chinese traditional medicine to eat seafood?
In traditional Chinese medicine, need to pay attention to diet, general spicy spicy food, cold cold, greasy food is not easy to digest food and seafood etc. all need to pay attention to avoid eating. In traditional Chinese medicine that seafood, lamb, beef and so on are volatile, will affect the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. Especially the skin diseases, allergic diseases, disease as well as sore at the beginning and so avoid seafood, otherwise they will be worse.
7 taboos to eat traditional Chinese Medicine
1, avoid the
During taking Chinese traditional medicine because of the variety of cold food try to avoid eating. Chinese medicine pointed out that the cold food of cold, very difficult to digest after eating. And cold food in food also has to stimulate the stomach function, in this case if it will immediately take Chinese traditional medicine seriously stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, thus affecting the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs. Therefore, we should pay special attention to, in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine such as "cold warm the meridians, dispelling cold by wet medicine to avoid eating cold foods.
In addition there are some function of the spleen and stomach bad people, even if not to eat the medicine in the spleen Nuanwei, do not eat cold food in normal life, otherwise there would be more serious illness.
2, bogey radish
Experts advise, whether it is to eat traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, should be avoided during the medication to eat radish, otherwise the drug will be greatly affected. Many people will take a lot of drugs after the illness did not improve, and improper diet also has a great relationship. Especially in the time of eating Chinese medicine can not eat radish, of course, in addition to some of the treatment of phlegm. The reason why in this period can not eat radish, radish Xiaoshi, is due to broken gas and other effects, especially when taking ginseng, Astragalus and other nourishing traditional Chinese medicine.
Studies have shown that radish will weaken the tonic effect of ginseng, thus not treated and tonic. So often have to eat traditional Chinese medicine habits of people should pay attention to, must be at a distance of radish.
3, avoid spicy
All kinds of spicy food for people taking traditional Chinese medicine is on the same diet, otherwise it will not only weaken the resistance, even with the traditional Chinese medicine reaction and serious harm to human health. It is pointed out that the hot spicy food of traditional Chinese medicine of warm, hot gas consumption, therefore, should try to avoid this kind of food in take Qingre Baidu, nourishing Yin, nourishing yin and blood liquid medicine case, or abscess of Chuangdu during treatment should also try to avoid eating spicy food.
For example, such as onions, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat, these foods, if eaten in the Chinese herbal medicine will be offset by the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and some will promote inflammation and cause bleeding symptoms.
4, avoid greasy
All kinds of greasy food taboos in the same period of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine that greasy food more sticky, and also help wet phlegm, smoothing intestine stagnation gas. After eating, it will be mixed with the medicine and hinder the absorption of the active ingredients of the stomach and intestines, thus reducing the curative effect. In particular, some suffering from spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases in patients with normal life should eat this kind of food.
These are in the traditional Chinese medicine can not eat food, otherwise it is likely to reduce drug resistance and affect human health. In addition, we should also pay attention to the traditional Chinese medicine should also be taken to avoid eating western medicine, so as to avoid drug Chong chong.
5, avoid fat
This kind of food is wind phlegm help fire products, as a result of the disease on food selection of different sizes, the "hair" are also different. These foods are mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, cock meat, meat, meat and other PigHead sows. Such as hyperactivity of liver Yang, liver wind stirring were forbidden to eat meat when the rooster, PigHead meat; furuncle, carbuncle, furuncle, sore skin disease, when not to eat mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, cock meat, meat, mother of pork PigHead, otherwise it will accelerate the swelling, pyogenesis; gastrointestinal disease can eat pumpkin, because pumpkin contains sugar, eat will produce more acid, stimulate the gastrointestinal. In view of this, "hair", to a large extent, can be said to promote disease.
6, avoid Xingshan
General medicine has aromatic smell, especially aromatic and aromatic herbs, containing a lot of volatile oil, which play a role in treatment, this kind of aromatic substances and Xingshan odor most incompatible. If taking the medicine does not avoid Xingshan, often affect the efficacy. Such as fish, shrimp, seafood smell, the smell of mutton sheep. For those allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema, boils, urticaria and other allergic dermatitis patients, we must not eat Xingshan in traditional Chinese medicine during the.
7, bogey tea
Generally when taking Chinese medicines do not drink tea, because tea contains tannic acid, tea contains more tannic acid, and Chinese medicine with clothes will influence on the active ingredients of Chinese medicine absorption, reduce curative effect. Especially in taking "glue", "fungus", bogey and tea with the clothes, while taking the tea tannic acid, alkaloid precipitation, affect the human body absorb. Such as usually have a habit of drinking tea, drink some Green Tea, and the best medication in 2 ~ 3 hours after drinking.
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