Antler - nourishing warming fine bone

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"This the" record: "velvet, sweet, warm. The main leakage under bad blood, and epilepsy, Qi Zhi Qiang, the population is not old. The main angle inside carbuncle, expel the evil evil spirit, keep blood in yin."
The intrinsic quality of antler Chunyang, containing germinal Qi, replenishing qi and blood, Yuanyang Zhuang, Yi essence, strong bones and muscles. But the warm, make up the fire Yang, deficiency heat, phlegm heat, Qi stomach damp heat not available, Yin Huochi who takes no clothes, taking the inevitable lag hot hot, vomit not to eliminate abnormal irritability, remember, when the! Sweet salty antler glue temperature, blood and essence, and work with velvet resistance slightly slow. The glue is antlers antlers cream more than bone residue, although the same indications and efficacy of a deer glue, slightly astringent, anti dysentery, available to gynecological leucorrhea.
Blood temperature Yangzhi gynecological diseases and kidney deficiency
Missing person, injured by blood gas, the two clock deficiency can not be restricted, so the blood dripping constantly is not at. For gynecological uterine bleeding, blood Yin deficiency heat up, it is inevitable to see the lower abdomen cold chills, morning stool discharge, back pain such as fold, menstrual blood volume thin, less time, pale tongue and pulse soft, ascertain the kidney yang deficiency beginning with velvet. The ancient velvet San to pilose antler, Cistanche, rehmannia, cuttlefish bone for uterine bleeding more than leucorrhea Qingxi or not, the deficiency of weak evidence; "Qian" treating metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, red and White Velvet: more than 18 baht, sang 2 ears in half, to 5 liters of vinegar stains, fried dry stains as for degree at the end of the research, take big spoon, 3 baht. The ear is the mulberry mulberry parasitic fungus, gamping non-toxic, main women's uterine bleeding morbid, abdominal masses, broken blood Qi, so this can be used for cold infertility and falling injury very wonderful.
Even with Shaofuzhuyu Decoction with Radix Astragali, and with a little pilose antler glue or Yellow Wine swallow, Yang clothing, treatment of body Qi, postpartum or after abortion cold off the uterus, blood stasis, vaginal bleeding, sweating, cold limbs, have palpitations, each is highly effective.
The so-called evil blood clots, or purple black, or red light, while Yang deficiency and cold, but also a leakage of blood odor, and miscellaneous sterile pus, such as red bean soup or dark red scale, less abdominal pain, bulge, emaciation, chills, malaise, mostly dampness phlegm and blood stasis, toxin keep such evil. My father had used public jade book by the temperature breaking Product Party (fried, fried thearborvitae leaves teasel root, angelica, rehmannia, stir fried turtle shell, tortoise shell 45 grams, 90 grams of pangolin, halloysite, Wormwood Leaves, fried oysters, fried Burnet, 37, antler 15 grams, the fire Kang dry grinding at the end of each 6 grams, Rice porridge or rice in the service, 4 times a day) for the treatment of advanced cancer of the uterus, more than a year to adhere to medication clinical cure. The tumor was generally dissipative Yang, the selection of epimedium, Cistanche, Curculigo, Morinda officinalis, mild tonic, few use aconite Wenyang, uterus deficiency, Yang Ying Qi decline, not from the blood coagulation Tianjin, Yin carbncle don't like, with big wonderful velvet. Wei Yin heat heavy wet poly Stasis Toxin syndrome, clinical common, is also not available antler.
"Ji Sheng Fang" for Virgo Chongren deficiency, with white, with velvet 2 two, 1 two, Ampelopsis barometz powder, fried glutinous rice vinegar AI, such as the Indus sub paste pill, take 1 pills each time, temperature of hollow wine. Virgo, early Qi Sheng, Chongren function is not healthy, so easy to damage and anti. My father jade Book Public tonifying Ren and Du powder: 15 grams (or pilose antler glue 50 grams, fried yellow), dragonbones, angelica, Atractylodes each 50 grams, 65 grams of cooked aconite, cinnamon, ephedra, thick 10 grams, grinding into powder. 6 grams per serving, 3 times a day, with light or light salt water under Yellow Wine. Treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory leucorrhea quantity thin like water, edema, fatigue, back cold, lower abdomen cold. Wen Yang, Tong Bu eight antler also.
Virtual amenorrhea, late menarche, menstruation less pale, gradually closing not, if the dress is generally up blood medicine, blood stasis is invalid, but insufficiency of kidney yang, menstrual not rotating, Wang Guizhou tiger deer pill can take. The deer antler pill: dodder 10 grams or 40 grams of antler glue, rehmannia, angelica, dodder seed, Morinda officinalis, gelatin, medlar 45 grams, 30 grams of eucommia bark, Rhizoma Cyperi, Amomum 20 grams. Honey for the pills, 9 grams per serving, daily 2 times. If a large number of production loss and bleeding, Chong Qi, postpartum no milk, amenorrhea, hair loss, breast atrophy of uterus, the party took a year or so, slowly gradually filling liver and kidney essence, natural menstrual cramps. However, virtual amenorrhea, Tiangui dried up and fire against Wang, insomnia, dizziness, pain, irritable and bursts of sweating, red hot head, also can not use the common clinical department, antler tonic.
Infertility treatment of uterus to a small amount of cold visitors, velvet uniforms, clothes and warmingchannelstodispel cold treatment agent. If the spirit, the diet is good, leucorrhea is not much, by the basic normal, waist and abdomen is not acid, less abdomen is not cold, there is a possibility of pregnancy.
Treatment of male infertility, there is no general physical condition, impotence and premature ejaculation, limbs cold, Yaoxisuanruan deficiency problems, no prostatitis, orchitis damp history, with wine soaked velvet grind fine, every night before going to sleep Yellow Wine light swallow 1.5 grams, before and after medication do not eat raw fruits, radish, tea room take Zuoguiyin and Dihuang pill, can enhance physical fitness, seems to have significantly improved the quantity and quality of sperm, can also promote the secretion of semen, create important conditions for seed. Antler deficient male and female infertility is the most important replenishing agent.
The old brain gradually empty, naturally lose the Qing Ling, general intelligence, memory and thinking skills function gradually decreases, and the disease is increasing, it is difficult to reverse, common Huanshaodan and antler patch