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Chinese herbal medicine should pay attention to these 6 taboos
Pungent category:
When the drink of Chinese medicine, we must pay attention in the diet to avoid spicy food, these foods have the effect of Tong Yang multisymplectic heat, stomach, if excessive consumption is easy to phlegm fire, scattered blood gas consumption, so the diet is only suitable for cold syndrome disease, and is not suitable for Yinxuyangkang the body and blood, febrile disease, hemorrhoids, carbuncle furuncle patients etc.. Such foods include onions, garlic, leeks, ginger, wine, pepper, etc.. Such as pepper is hot, if fever, constipation, urine short red, mouth thirst, dry lips, sore throat, epistaxis, red tongue heat as edible, will aggravate the symptoms of "fire" to offset the effect of heat and cooling blood and nourishing Yin drugs, so heat syndrome patients can not eat Chinese medicine pepper.
Fish class:
Fishy foods also need to pay attention to avoid eating, otherwise it may affect the body health, such as cold and salty fishy food products, and contain protein, easy to cause allergic reactions, eat more easily hurt the stomach and cause disease, so the spleen has the patient should not eat, especially allergies but can not food. This kind of food is fish, carp, fish, clams, shrimp, crab, carp, catfish, and sardines, fish, crabs, yellow Bullacta most likely to cause allergies. Fishy foods are volatiles.
From food will generally worsen promote disease, so when we eat Chinese medicine is best not to eat fat foods, these foods are dynamic wind phlegm help fire products, as a result of the disease on food selection of different sizes, the "hair" are also different. These foods are mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mustard, pumpkin, cock meat, meat, meat and other PigHead sows. Such as hyperactivity of liver Yang, liver wind stirring were forbidden to eat meat when the rooster, PigHead meat; furuncle, carbuncle, furuncle, sore skin disease, when not to eat mushrooms, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, cock meat, meat, mother of pork PigHead, otherwise it will accelerate the swelling, pyogenesis; gastrointestinal disease can eat pumpkin, because pumpkin contains sugar, eat will produce more acid, stimulate the gastrointestinal. In view of this, "hair", to a large extent, can be said to promote disease.
Cold type:
When taking Chinese traditional medicine, we must be careful not to eat cold food, otherwise it will affect the health of such food, cold, a major role for heat thirst, therefore it is suitable for heat syndrome disease. But it is easy to affect gastrointestinal function, so the physical treatment and gastrointestinal disease, when taboo. Such as white radish and cold, has the functions of digestion, phlegm, regulating qi, if physical deficiency and gastrointestinal diseases in patients with food, not on a cold and cold, gastrointestinal function worse. In addition, at the same time taking ginseng and other nourishing medicine, because the drug can reduce or eliminate the mutual tonic effect, it should not be the same clothes with ginseng radish.
Greasy class:
We also need to pay attention to the greasy food is best not to eat, not digest, damage the spleen and stomach, this kind of food, including animal fat and fried fried hard solid food. Oily damage the spleen and stomach Jianyun, where exogenous disease and jaundice, diarrhea as taboo. Fried, fried food, dry hard material, is not easy to digest, gastrointestinal disease and "lit" diet.
Sour class:
When taking Chinese traditional medicine, we need to pay attention to avoid eating sour foods, will stimulate the stomach, hyperacidity of stomach irritation, so hyperchlorhydria, gastric ulcer patients fasted. Astringent, mostly containing tannin. Such as tea contains tannins, and higher content of tea, Chinese herbal medicine and the same service, can be combined with Chinese herbal medicine in some proteins, alkaloids, heavy metal salt precipitation, absorption of the active ingredients of drugs that can affect, and the absorption of nutrients such as protein also has effect. Therefore, when taking medicine, and generally should not be taken with tea.
Chinese traditional Chinese medicine should pay attention to what is the best time to drink traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine when to drink the best
Drink traditional Chinese medicine to choose the right time, will get the best treatment effect, especially for Chinese medicine. The time of taking traditional Chinese medicine should be decided according to the condition and the nature of the medicine. Most drugs should be taken half an hour to an hour after meals.
In the traditional Chinese medicine compatibility with traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to "five flavours", according to the resistance of cold, heat, temperature, cold, spicy, sweet and sour and bitter and salty taste to five compound prescription. Stomach, cold medicine or drugs are five kinds of stress may cause certain damage to the gastric mucosa.
Different types of traditional Chinese medicine, taking time is also different. Liver, kidney and intestinal diseases, appropriate medication before meals; dizziness, throat diseases are advised to take the medicine after meals; diarrhea medicine, tonic and vermifuge should be taken on an empty stomach; soothe the nerves of medicine should be taken before going to bed.
This is based on the different conditions and the characteristics of the drug, the time to make the general requirements of medication. When in use, the doctor will adjust medication according to the patient's body, medication prescription will not be confined to a certain kind of medicine, plus long-term medication on patients, will inevitably cause damage to the gastric mucosa, so that long-term drinking herbal decoction, 30 to 60 minutes after medication, to reduce the drug directly to stimulate the stomach mucosa.