Chinese medicine is not easy to add sugar

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Although Good medicine is bitter. conducive to disease, but Chinese medicine sometimes really unbearable pain, whether it can be some sugar in traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine in Riga, or finish eating sweets?
traditional Chinese medicine
Why not add sugar to Chinese Medicine
In each prescription, drug ingredients composition is "acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty" different, there are differences in resistance to cold, hot, warm and cool ". The sugar also has certain resistance and effect, sugar can lungs and spleen and liver, and can be used for the treatment of lung dryness cough, stomach deficiency, mouth parched and tongue scorched in diseases, so the Chinese also carbohydrate as a traditional Chinese medicine, not just use. In addition, it is also contraindicated in clinical use.
First, more sugar will help heat. If the patient had abdominal distension with thick and greasy tongue coating in the damp heat syndrome stop, generally prohibited the sugar, in order to avoid adverse reactions, have phlegmy person should not be taken.
Secondly, white sugar, brown sugar. If the sugar to hyperthermic agents, or the brown sugar added cold medicine, will weaken the property, fully absorb the hinder the efficacy of curative effect.
Again, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is more complex. Sugar especially brown sugar, iron and calcium element that contains more protein and tannin and other ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine can be combined with chemical reaction, make some effective ingredients in liquid solidification degeneration, and cloudy, precipitation, not only affects the efficacy, but also does harm to health.
Just drink sugar it will affect the efficacy of traditional Chinese Medicine
The answer is that, in general, does not affect the efficacy.
But the sugar can be discharged to slow down the speed of the stomach contents, inhibit the absorption of the drug, which exerts delayed glucocorticoid, sulfa drugs such as antibiotics effect. Bitter components of traditional Chinese medicine usually has Qingrejiedu, stomach, helps digestion, antibacterial effect. Stomachics, etc. the effect of Chinese herb Longdan Rhubarb Mixture taste can stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, so as to increase appetite, help digestion, take medicine after eat sweets may affect this effect. Take the treatment of hot and humid diseases of bitter medicine (such as the treatment of bowel obstruction of rhubarb clear stomach pill), eat sweets easy to keep the disease.
Some patients, Chinese medicine should not drink after eating sweets, such as cough patients, patients with diabetes mellitus, gastroenteritis patients etc..
Chinese medicine, medicinal and edible, sugar is also a taste of drugs, if the sugar after taking the potential impact of the drug before eating. Addition of sugar can also affect the absorption and absorption of some active ingredients. For example, containing iron and calcium components in brown sugar, some ingredients easily interact with traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of sugar in the fever; Chinese herbal medicine may weaken the heat effect. In order to reduce the impact on the drug, it is best to take two hours after eating sweets.
Since you can not choose sugar, how to alleviate the bitterness?
1 cold water rinse
Immediately after gargling with cold water gargle, can also reduce the bitterness. Best to drink half a cup of warm boiling water, both warm stomach, but also conducive to the absorption of the drug.
2 let cool
37 degrees Celsius when the tongue is most sensitive to taste, with the temperature of food, taste will gradually weaken. Therefore, the first step is to cool the soup at room temperature to 25 degrees celsius. However, it should be noted that the soup is too cold will hurt the spleen and stomach.
3 straws
The tongue feel bitter taste buds in the middle with a thick tongue, drink the medicine Straw can get drugs to avoid contact with the tongue.