What are the effects of Baizhu?

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Chinese herbal medicine Atractylodes
Indications function: Spleen Qi, dampness and water, sweat, tocolysis; for the spleen eat less bloating, diarrhea, phlegm throb, edema, sweating, fetal irritability
1 spleen and stomach, eating less fullness, lassitude, diarrhea; tonifying spleen and stomach with Codonopsis, Radix Glycyrrhizae; Xiaopi flatulence with Fructus aurantii; spleen dampness diarrhea with tangerine peel, Poria total
2 water wet stay, phlegm, edema; cold drink can be mixed with tuckahoe, cassia twig and poria; water swollen skin, often equated with Pericarpium Arecae
Table 3 the goods and virtual spontaneous; Astragalus, floating wheat is used, solid form antiperspirant
4 can tocolysis, cure pregnancy induced foot swelling, pregnancy anxiety and other symptoms, heat, and baicalin compatibility; back and bark, used the same.