Can the red wine?

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Red ginseng, warm; sweet, bitter; the spleen, lung, heart. Can nourishing vitality Fumai solid off, tonifying qi and blood. For weak body to take off, zhileng clock, gas blood circulation, uterine bleeding; heart failure, cardiogenic shock.
The role and efficacy of red ginseng is very much, can also medicinal, edible, can also drink wine. Many people often drink ginseng wine, then red ginseng can drink wine?
Of course, can drink wine red ginseng.
Ginseng liquor bubble
The whole tree in red ginseng liquor, and sealed up for about two weeks, then every morning you can drink a small cup.
Red ginseng medlar wine
The red ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, sugar together with clean gauze wrap, sew, and then the medicine bag into the liquor, sealed, placed in a period of time. The red ginseng wolfberry wine, can complement the human body blood, help improve sleep quality, but also nourishing the liver to improve eyesight. For neurasthenia, dizziness and headache, backache and other symptoms, can drink, can not only prolong life, but also physical fitness. First soaked in wine, after drinking, add wine, ginseng, Chinese wolfberry until the taste, you can throw away.
Red ginseng ganoderma wine
Red ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum together into the liquor, soak for a while, then a small amount of drinking. Red wine of Ganoderma lucidum, often insomnia, do not want to eat people suffering from coronary heart disease and other diseases, has a good effect.
Ginseng antler wine
Red ginseng and pilose antler first into the pot cooking for a period of time, and then put the liquor, and adding a lid seal, then put up for half a month. Especially suitable for winter use, the cold, cold limbs, the specific good effect. But each time can not take too much, a 10 ml on it. The wine is not suitable for use in the summer, in addition to easy to get angry, it is best not to use. Ginseng antler wine can delay aging, improve immunity, can prevent arteriosclerosis and other diseases.