Medicated health function

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What is the diet? Diet is guided by TCM theory, in order to meet the needs of preventing and treating diseases, health Yanshuai needs, select the appropriate drugs and related foods, made by the processing of cooking has some special color, flavor and taste, shape of health food.
Diet generally has the following three characteristics:
1 delicious
Diet with food, the drugs also belongs to the flat and the goods, after special processing, food is delicious, the concept of beautiful shape and effect on satiety, gains in pleasures.
2 easy to take a long time, the curative effect is also good
Medicinal varieties mainly comes from the long-term practice has proved to be an effective drug, and its production type is a dish, drinks, cakes and other delicious food, the most easy for the elderly to accept, so it is easy to use for a long time.
3 security
Diet often used in traditional Chinese medicine taste of peace and safety and no side effect of preparation, its main role is to enhance the ability of the body resistance and strengthen the auxiliary treatment of disease. Although it is not available, but also not injured upright, can alleviate or heal the disease.
Diet mainly divided into Qi and blood, nourishing yin and Tonifying Kidney Herbs medicated diet, warming kidney yang, four types of diet.
1 Qi diet
Qi Qi Chinese medicine medicated diet is selected, with a certain food, diet food cooked by. Such as "steamed ginseng chicken" belongs to this kind of. It has tonifying the lung qi, Yi temper, enhance the body of environmental adaptability function. For the spirit of sleepiness, limb weakness, or loss of appetite, abdominal distension, asthenia and loose stool, edema, or prolapse of the anus, and less gas lazy words, language is obscure, panting, sweating, and easy to catch cold, lung and spleen deficiency of people.
2 blood medicated
The blood is made of Chinese herbal medicine diet, with certain food, diet food cooked by. Such as Angelica mutton soup belongs to this category. It has the efficacy of nourishing the heart and spleen, replenishing blood and nourishing liver. For the yellow complexion, lip a pale (white or yellow or pale), fatigue, numbness, blood deficiency, liver blood deficiency, heart lienal two empty of people.
3 herbs of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney
Diet is a traditional Chinese medicine of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney yin and kidney using, with certain food, diet food cooked by. Such as "binaural soup" belongs to this kind, it has the nourishing kidney yin, cough, for kidney yin deficiency of vascular sclerosis, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, dry cough asthenia.
4 Yang diet
Diet is the choice of warming kidney yang, warming kidney yang, Chinese medicine, with a certain food, diet food cooked by. Such as "double Yang soup" is one of such. It has the function of warming kidney and strengthening yang, strengthening physique, improving sexual function and reproductive ability. Suitable for tinnitus and dizziness, waist and knee pain or numbness, cold cold and cold limbs especially below the waist, nocturia and clear long, loss of libido, impotence and premature ejaculation, sperm motility caused by poor women's sterility and infertility of kidney yang deficiency.
Because the diet easy, make simple, economical and reliable curative effect, therefore, more and more elderly people of all ages.