Pay attention to the diet taboo

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Health is our daily life has been a matter of more attention, that we know how we should health, health and should start from what? Today Xiaobian introduce a way of keeping good health, parents come to see it.
A way of keeping good health
Soup, porridge, soup, juice etc. as an important part of Chinese medicinal diet, since ancient times by health experts attention. The utility model has the advantages of simple manufacture, rich nutrition, easy digestion and absorption, and is especially suitable for children, old people and people with weak body. If the notice "on time, according to the point, choose the most suitable form, but also the best time in the daily diet for the icing on the cake," health diet".
To get up early
Chinese have a saying, "towards brine, late honey soup". After getting up in the morning to drink a cup of boiled water or light salt water, can be added to the loss of water at night to help wake up the body.
In addition, people generally more mental work in the morning, breakfast can drink a glass of milk, enhance peristalsis, to meet the body's calcium and protein nutritional needs. For the poor digestion of the elderly, light porridge is also a good choice.
Noon soup
At noon before meals to drink some soup, can not only play a role in health care, also can make the stomach food close to the full stomach, nourishing the stomach, and enhance satiety, avoid eating too much, the people who want to lose weight or obesity is very beneficial. Radish soup, winter melon soup, tomato soup, seaweed soup, Seaweed soup are a good choice.
Drink porridge for dinner
The Ming Dynasty physician Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in a book in praise of porridge "very soft and greasy, and gastrointestinal Xiangde, most dietary knack also".
Chinese medicine believes that the porridge can benefit the Yin fluid, germinal stomach Tianjin, spleen and stomach, complement deficiency, the most suitable people. Evening drink porridge, can add one day loss of vitality, and easy digestion and absorption. The porridge can according to the physical characteristics of their own, adding yam, lily, sesame, red bean, walnut and other ingredients, increase the efficacy of health care.
Drink honey before going to bed. Honey sweet natured, since ancient times is the tonic, detoxification and beauty Jiapin, including glucose and fructose can easily be absorbed by human body, the Runfei cough, Runchang catharsis, detoxification effect significantly. Bedtime with warm boiling water transfer service from 10 to 20 ml of honey to a busy day a "sweet ending", also helps to improve the quality of sleep and stomach intestines.
Other knowledge
Eat every meal, a healthy diet is a way of keeping good health, arrange reasonable diet nine every day should follow the road for you.
Spring to eat these vegetables
1, blue purple seaweed
I don't know if anyone has ever seen the blue and purple laver. This kind of seaweed is characterized by the purple.
It is indicated that the toxic substances have been contaminated by cyclic peptides. These toxins cannot be detoxified, so they are not edible.
2, Sauteed Green Beans and beans
That is a "cause and Sauteed Green Beans bean poison vegetable is, they are also toxic components of saponin and trypsin inhibitor.
When cooking, it should be cooked first, then remove, add seasoning sauce and simmer, can detoxification.
3, fresh edible fungus
Fresh mushrooms contain a sense of imidazoline substance, it is sensitive to light, after eating the sun, causing the sun dermatitis, the individual will be severe laryngeal edema due to respiratory difficulties. For this purpose, it is not edible.
4, fresh lily
With colchicine into the human body through oxidation of toxic substances, the food will cause similar symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, easily misdiagnosed. Dry Lily in the processing of the full immersion water, has most of colchicine solution, it is generally not poisoning.
5, broad bean
In the broad bean, the red blood cell lacks the 6- phosphoric acid sugar to eat the bean bean to have the hemolytic jaundice, also called the broad bean disease. The disease is hereditary, so people with a family history should go to the hospital and avoid eating beans.
People in the winter activity is very small, so in the spring, should strengthen the exercise, make the body more healthy. During the spring, it is also the body feel tired, always said that he was caught up in Chunkun, that is the winter did not maintain good kidney, remind you must avoid in spring 5 is healthy, do.