Drinking tea is actually a traditional Chinese Medicine

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A lot of good tea, but people used to drink the rest of the tea easily drained, but I do not know these tea left many magical and in our daily life. Hebei Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine nursing department head nurse Liu Jian told "life times" reporter, leftover tea is a treasure, it is best not to drink it.
Left: the smell of fresh tea mouthwash taste did not change overnight leftover tea to brush my teeth, gargle, tea contains tannic acid has good bactericidal effect, can prevent bleeding gums, swelling and anti-inflammatory, eliminating halitosis.
Wash your face with tea, which contains vitamins, tea polyphenols have health effects on the skin. Especially on the face often lit rash or itching, with leftover tea to wash to clean the skin.
With cotton stick dipped in tea wet eyelashes, can achieve the effect of the growth of eyelashes, is the most economical eyelash growth liquid".
The evening of magical tea left, except beriberi feet: the evening rush, can add water to boil with leftover tea concentrated juice to soak the foot. The tea contains tannic acid, has a strong bactericidal effect, especially for filamentous bacteria caused by beriberi, long-term use will have a good effect. To the smell of tea can also assist, spasmolytic effect on the peripheral blood vessels so it can make the body relax with their feet.
Night use leftover tea, tea and help sleep: used tea can be spread in the wood dried, accumulated, can be used as a pillow core. Tea is cool, so tea pillow can refresh refreshment, enhance the ability of thinking. Fresh tea, tea pillow after purification of sleep breathing breathing odors. Some people think tea pillow is too soft pillow is too short, uncomfortable, it can be thin, the same as the pillow on the pillow on it. Tea is most suitable for the elderly and children. But because of the cool tea, easy to absorb wet gas, should pay attention to regular drying, keep dry.