Long term use can cause the spleen and stomach

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Chinese long-term use will cause the spleen deficiency. 3 types of people, should not be used. Chinese medicine, a traditional Chinese medicine Qingre Sterculia throat, its sweet, cold, can clear Xuan lung, bowel purge, liyanjiedu. The long-term use is easy to damage the spleen, may cause the spleen and stomach, abdominal distension, stool and other symptoms.
Most people in the sore throat, can be short-term (1 - 2 weeks) taken in improving symptoms should be promptly stopped, long-term use is not recommended, because other resistance to cold, long-term use is easy to damage the spleen, spleen and stomach, may lead to poor appetite, abdominal distension, stool and other symptoms.
In addition to the weakness of the spleen and stomach fat should not take big overseas, the following conditions should not be taken by 1 cold cough, sore throat, chills, aches and pain is cold; 2 poor glycemic control in diabetic patients, with Sterculia containing sucrose, galactose, after taking may aggravate the disorder of glucose metabolism; 3 patients with hypotension, because has a diuretic effect antihypertensive pangdahai, long-term use may cause low blood pressure.