Often do these things with healthy blood vessels

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Often do these things with healthy blood vessels
Irregular habits, binge drinking, wishful dieting, lack of exercise, and continuous insomnia due to stress...... Imperceptibly, arteriosclerosis has come, increase the risk of stroke or myocardial infarction. Su Yuanyi, former director of the hospital in Tokyo, Japan, Li suggested that as long as these things in life, you can let the blood vessels to stay young".
Active leg to warm blood vessels
Arterial blood is pumped out of the heart and flows throughout the body, and the power of the blood stream is not related to the heart. The blood in vein when breathing back to the brain, but to the legs upstream, it cannot do without the help of leg muscles. In particular, the calf muscles in the walk when the contraction and stretching exercise, can oppress the blood vessels to help blood flow back to the heart.
Therefore, the leg belly is also known as the "second heart", active legs, is to maintain blood circulation is necessary condition.
Good sleep to the blood vessels to take a bath
His sleep can not only make the brain get rest, but also can make the blood vessels and the heart to rest "". During the day, the sympathetic nervous system of the human body is very active, blood vessels and heart are often in a state of tension. But in sleep, the parasympathetic nerve is in the dominant position, the blood vessels from the tension in the state out of the blood flow is more smooth, and help us to clean up the day of fatigue. When the lack of sleep, blood pressure is always in high state, blood vessels can be like workaholic like endless work.
Sleep is important, but more important is the time to sleep. The body will secrete a growth hormone during sleep, it can promote the The new supersedes the old. protection is an important material, blood vessels, growth hormone produced in the sleep 1~2 hours after the secretion peak in the middle of the night 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.. Therefore, it is ideal to go to bed before 12. The habit of staying up late friends can soak a hot bath around 38 degrees Celsius before going to bed, so as to help blood circulation, improve sleep quality.