Drug food should not be taken at the same time

From:Anguo New Oriental Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd  Date:2017-01-07 13:28:47  Hits:332  Belong to:Industry Trends
For some medicines and food taken at the same time, may reduce the efficacy and side effects, deputy director of the Ningxia County food and drug administration to remind Wu Baihai, some medicine and food is not suitable for taking.
Aspirin and alcohol conflict
After taking aspirin, will aggravate the symptoms of fever and systemic pain, but also easy to cause liver damage.
Berberine and tea conflict
The tea contains about 10% tannins, in vivo is easily decomposed into tannic acid, and tannic acid will precipitate alkaloid berberine, reduce its efficacy.
Bloven clash with coffee and cola
Bloven (fenbide) on gastric irritation, caffeine and coffee Cola in cocaine will stimulate gastric acid secretion, increase the side effects of Bloven on the gastric mucosa, and even induce gastric bleeding, gastric perforation.
Antibiotics and milk, fruit juice conflict
Milk will reduce the activity of antibiotics, so that the efficacy can not be fully played; fruit juice (especially fresh fruit juice) not only reduces the efficacy, but also may increase the toxic side effects.
Calcium conflict with spinach
Spinach contains a lot of potassium oxalate, into the body after the human body to absorb calcium, but also prone to calcium oxalate stones.
Anti allergic drugs and cheese, meat products conflict
Take food not eat cheese, meat and other histidine rich anti allergic agents during, otherwise it will cause dizziness, headache, palpitation and other symptoms.
Antidiarrheals conflict with milk
Take angidiarrheal not drinking milk, because milk not only reduce the efficacy of antidiarrheal, but also easy to contain lactose aggravate diarrhea.
Diuretics and banana, orange conflict
When taking diuretics, potassium will stay in the blood, if the consumption of potassium rich bananas, oranges, potassium accumulation in the body excess, easy to induce complications of heart, blood pressure.
Vitamin C and shrimp conflict
Take vitamin C before and after 2 hours can not eat shrimp, because the shrimp will be oxidized copper vitamin C, so that it loses efficacy.
Antihypertensive drugs with grapefruit juice conflict
Antihypertensive drugs when drinking grapefruit juice, easy to cause the drug concentration in the blood is too high, increase the side effects.